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Petroleum Oil Testing Services

We are one of the leading manufacturer & service provider of Petroleum Oil Testing Services.                   
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Petroleum  Testing Services
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Petroleum Testing Services

  • Benzene Testing
  • Olefin Testing
  • Paraffin Testing,
  • Heptane Testing
  • Phenol Testing
  • Petrochemical Catalyst Performance Testing
  • Petrochemical Catalyst Characterization Testing
  • Catalyst Research and Testing
  • High performance liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS) Testing
  • Petrochemical Formulation
  • Petrochemical Deformation
  • Organic Chemistry Testing
  • Crystallization Testing
  • Stabilization Testing
  • Particle Size Testing
  • Styrene Testing
  • Ethanol Testing
  • Density Testing
  • Rheological Properties Testing
  • Experimental Design
  • Inorganic Chemistry Testing
  • Petrochemical compatibility Testing
  • Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) Testing
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) Testing
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance NMR Testing
  • Thermal Analysis Testing
  • Methanol Testing
  • Ash Testing
  • Metathesis Testing
  • Isomerization Testing
  • Ammoxidation Testing
  • Hydrogenation Testing
  • Thermo-physical Property Modeling
  • Karl Fischer Testing
  • Atomic absorption (AA) spectroscopy Testing
  • High-Throughput Research and Development
  • Asphalt Testing
  • Wax Testing
  • Caustic Soda Testing
  • Kerosene Testing
  • Pet Coke Testing
  • Lube Oil Testing
  • Petrochemical Solvent Testing
  • Naphtha Testing
  • Transformer Oil Testing
  • Solid-State Research
  • Xylene Testing
  • Crude Oil Testing
  • Diesel Testing
  • Petrochemical Characterization Testing
  • Petrochemical Performance Testing
  • Infrared (IR) spectroscopy Testing
  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) Testing
  • Volatile Analyses Testing
  • Semi-Volatiles Analyses Testing
  • Trace Petrochemical Analysis
  • Dynamic thermal analysis (DTA) Testing
  • Calorimetry Testing
  • ElectroPetrochemical analysis Testing
  • Titration Testing
  • RadioPetrochemical Analysis Testing
  • Petrochemical Process Testing
  • Separation Analysis
  • Forensic Petrochemical Analysis
  • Petrochemical Properties Testing
  • Identification of Petrochemical Contamination
  • Petrochemical Composition
  • Purity Testing
  • Specific Gravity Testing
  • Osmolarity Testing
  • pH Testing
  • Acidity and Alkalinity Testing
  • Insoluble Matter
  • Combustion Testing
  • Diffraction Testing
  • Density Testing
  • Flash Point Testing
  • Partition Coefficient
  • Surface Tension Testing
  • Miscibility Testing
  • Chemometrics
  • Computational Chemistry
  • UV/Visible Absorption Testing
  • Vapor Pressure Testing
  • Volatility Testing
  • Oxidation/Reduction Testing
  • Explodability (impact) Testing
  • Boiling Point Determination Testing
  • Melting Point Determination Testing
  • Freezing Point Determination Testing
  • Color (Munsell System) Testing
  • Dissociation Constant Testing
  • Particle Size Testing
  • Peroxide Value Testing
  • Iodine Number Testing
  • Petrochemical Extraction Testing
  • Chromatography Testing
  • Titer Testing
  • Moisture Content Testing
  • Phosphate Testing
  • Total Alkalinity Testing
  • Water Activity Testing
  • Solubility Testing
  • Solvent Solubility Testing
  • Extinction Coefficient Determination Testing
  • Thin Layer Chromatography Testing
  • Viscosity Testing
  • Polarimetry Testing
  • Fluorescence Testing
  • Moisture Content Testing
  • Technology Transfer
  • Process Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Process Research
  • Process Optimization
  • Reference Testing
  • Flashpoint Determination Testing
  • Conductivity Testing

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Liquid Petroleum Gas Testing Service
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Liquid Petroleum Gas Testing Service

With in-depth industrial experience, we are trusted name engaged in offering Liquid Petroleum Gas Testing Service. Our testing service is known in the industry for its high quality & reliability. Our professionals use the advance testing instruments & methodology for giving best quality of testing service to our clientele. We provide this testing service in a given time span at nominal price.

Other Details:


1Carried out by experts
2Modern techniques used
3Reliable results

LPG quality and quantity testing:

1Ammonia, Arsine
2Carbonyl, Chloride
3Composition of Gases
4Contamination to trace ppm, ppb, and ppt levels
7Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur
8Mercaptans, Mercury
10Non-condensable Gases
11Organic content
15Total Inhibitor content
17Vapor Pressure
19Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc

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Oil Products Testing Services
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Oil Products Testing Services

Testing Parameter :

Drinking (Potable or Bottled Water) & Waste-water



3Odour - Qualitative
4Odour – Threshold Test
5pH value
6Solids - Fixed & Volatile Solids
7Solids - Settleable Solids
8Solids - Total Dissolved Solids
9Solids - Total , Fixed, and Volatile Solids (In Solids & Semisolids)
10Solids - Total Solids
11Solids - Total Suspended Solids
12Taste - Flavor Profile Analysis
13Taste Qualitative Rating Scale
15General Characteristics
17Ammonia (NH4)
18Anionic Surface Active Agents
20Biochemical Oxygen Demand ( BOD )
21Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
24Calcium Carbonate Saturation Index (Scale Forming Index)
25Carbon Dioxide
27Chemical Oxygen Demand ( COD )
30Chlorine Demand
31Chlorine Dioxide Demand
32Conductivity, as EC (Electrical Conductivity)
33Dissolved Oxygen
34Electrical Conductivity
35Equivalent Mineral Acidity
37Free CO2
38Free Mineral Acidity

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Aviation Turbine Fuel Testing Service
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Aviation Turbine Fuel Testing Service

As a specialist in this domain, we are offering Aviation Turbine Fuel Testing Service. Our fuel testing service is valued in the market for its best testing techniques. This fuel testing service is carried by our experts who have vast knowledge & use advance instruments to execute service properly. Our patrons can avail this fuel testing service as per their choice in a promised time frame.

Other Details

1Assure the quality of fuel
2Timely executing services
3Rendered by professionals

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Petrochemical Testing Services
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Petrochemical Testing Services

Our firm is a reliable enterprise that is engaged in offering excellent Petrochemical Testing Services. The provided testing service is acknowledged among customers for its accurate results & reliability. This testing service is rendered by our experts using advance techniques & testing instruments as per the standards of industry. We are giving this testing service within a given time frame at reasonable price.

Other Details:

1Comes in a budget
2Best results shown
3Total client contentment

Petrochemical and basic chemical testing parameter:

1Acetone,Acrylonitrile Acids, Acrylates, Acetates, Alcohols, Aniline, Amines, Aromatics, Arsine
2Benzene, BTX
3Chlorinated Solvents, Carbon Tetrachloride, Cyclohexane
4Ethanol, Esters
5Isopropyl Alcohol ( IPA), Inorganic Acids
9Methanol, Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
11Organic Acids, Olefins
12Paraffins, Phenol
14Toluene, Trichloroethylene (TCE), Tetramer
16Many other petrochemical and chemical compounds and products
17ASTM Chemical Testing
18Petro-Chemicals Tested
19Trace Metals in Petroleum
20Gas Chromatography Testing for Petroleum
21Chemical Services A-Z
22Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc
23Compliance of Materials for Drinking and Potable Water
24Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc.

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Waste Used Oil Testing Service
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Waste Used Oil Testing Service

Engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, industrial oil, heat transfer oil, transformer oil, spent oil, furnace oil.


4Kinematic Viscosity cSt at 100 C
6Neutralization No.
7Saponification Value
8Total Halogens
9Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
12Cadmium Chromium Nickle
13Polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
15Particle count
16Drop melting point
17Pour point
18Calorific value
19Freezing point
20Carbon residue
21Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc.

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Fire Foam Testing Services
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Fire Foam Testing Services

Fire Foam Testing :

Fire foam quality and regulatory tests for ships, airports, industry and other large fire control systems.
1Appearance, visual
5Drainage time
6Expansion ratio
7Fire test performance
8Refractive index
9Resistance to polar solvents
10Solution concentration
11Pour Point
12Cloud point
14Surface tension
15Temperature conditioning
16Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc

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Biodiesel Testing Service
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Biodiesel Testing Service

Biodiesel Testing Parameter:

2Free fatty acids (FFA)
3Iodine value (IV) Cd
4Lead content
6Unsaponifiable matter
7Insoluble impurities
8Peroxide value (PV)
9Polyethylene (PE)
10Saponification value (SV)
11Titer Cc
12Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc

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Bunker Fuel Analysis Testing Service
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Bunker Fuel Analysis Testing Service

Testing Parameter:

1Asphaltenes, Ash
2Carbon Residue
5Hydrogen Sulfide
6Microbes Contamination
7Pour Point
9Sulfur Content
10Total Sediment Potential (TSP)
12Water Content
13Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc.

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Fuel Testing Service
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Fuel Testing Service

Fuel Testing Parameter:

1Aviation gasoline fuel testing
3Biomass fuel testing
5Bunker fuel testing
6CNG quality
8Diesel fuel
9Ethanol, fuel grade
10Fuel oil, gas oil, bunker fuel
13Heavy distillates
14Jet fuel, kerosene
16Natural gas
17Petroleum and crude oil feedstocks
18Petroleum coke and fly-ash
19Turbine fuels
20Unconventional fuels

Fuel testing capabilities:


1    Fuel purity and quality
2    Fuel contamination
3    Fuel additives
4    Fuel pipeline trans-mix fuels and co-mingled fuels
5    Physical properties testing
6    Energy value
7    Trace components, trace contaminants
8    Fuel Research
9    Fuel safety and regulatory parameters
10    Bacteria in fuel tanks and systems
11    Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc

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Grease Testing Service
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Grease Testing Service

Grease laboratory testing parameter:

1Drop Point (Dropping Point)
2Cone Penetration
3Oxidation Stability
4Copper Corrosion
5Corrosion Preventative Properties
6Oil Separation IP 121/Def Stan
7Working Stability Def Stan
8Low Temperature Torque
9Fretting Wear Protection
10Evaporation Loss
11Anti-Wear Properties by Four-Ball
12Wheel Bearing Leakage
13Compatibility of Mixtures
14Water Washo
15Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with its Name) & Etc.

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