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Plastics Testing services

We are one of the leading manufacturer & service provider of Plastics Testing services.                 
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Resin Testing Service
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Resin Testing Service

Approx. Price: Rs 99 / PacketGet Latest Price
Service Details:
Minimum Order Quantity5 Packet
Client ProfileManufacturers
Certification ServiceISO
Elasticity Test RequiredYes
Examining Period10 Days Min.
Industry TypeChemical Also
Moisture Test RequiredYes
Need Standard CertificationYes
Physical Parameter TestYes
Sample Percentage100%
Standard CertificateISO
Test Report RequiredYes
With a firm commitment to quality, we are presenting to our clients a vast range of Plastics Rubber Resins Adhesive Material Testing Service. Our adhesive testing service is valued in the market for its best testing techniques. This adhesive testing service is carried by our experts who have vast knowledge & use advance instruments to execute service properly. Our patrons can avail this adhesive testing service as per their choice in a promised time frame.

Other Details:

1Total client contentment
2Best techniques used
3Comes in a budget

Testing Parameter:


1Tensile properties (Tensile Strength, Modulus, Elongation)
2Flexural Properties (Flexural Strength, Modulus)
3Hardness (Shore Hardness, Rockwell, IRHD)
4Compression strength, Bulk modulus
5Izod Impact strength
6Tear Strength
7Abrasion Resistance
8Adhesive properties (Peel, Shear)


1MFI (Melt Flow Index)
2Intrinsic Viscosity
3Brook field Viscosity


1Identification and Decoding of Polymeric raw materials and Products
2iller content/Carbon Black content
3Filler analysis
4Plasticizer Content
5Nitrogen content
6Moisture content
7Volatile Matter
8Migration tests for food and medicine packages
9Trace elemental analysis in polymers etc.
10Resistance to chemicals, acids, and alkalis


3Delta E values
4Yellowness Index

We Have Analysis/Testing The Resin As Per Requirements Of Client With Humbly Satisfaction.

All Types Of Material Testing Services Available In Our Laboratory.

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Toy Testing Services
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Toy Testing Services

Approx. Price: Rs 99 / PieceGet Latest Price
Service Details:
Minimum Order Quantity5 Piece
Testing TypeDurability
Toy Mechanical TestingCompression
Type of ToyHardline Toy
Test LocationBy Samples in Lab
Other Criteria ChecksRandom QA
Testimonials FormatYes
Testing Parameter:
      1Toy Design Evaluation Testing
      2Toy Safety Testing
      3Sharp Points Testing
      4Content Testing
      5Durability Testing
      6Wear Testing
      7Mechanical Soundness Testing
      8Toxicity Testing
      9Durability Testing
      10Flammability Testing
      11Risk Analysis Testing
      12Usability Studies Testing
      13Electronics Toys EMC Testing (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
      14Compliance Testing
      15Toy's Package Testing
      16Mechanical Toy Testing
      17Tensile Testing
      18Compression Testing
      19Torsion testing
      20Traction testing
      21Plastics Extractables Testing
      22Leachables Testing
      23Phthalates Test for PVC Testing
      24Surface Coating Testing
      25Failure mode & defect analysis
      26Toxic Elements Testing
      27Pb, Cd, Cr, Ba, As, Hg
      28Reverse engineering
      29Age grading and Labeling Testing
      30Toys Packaging Testing
      31Battery Consumption Testing
      32Ease of Assembly Evaluations
      33Acoustics Testing
      34Unknown Sample (Total Analysis with it's Name) & Etc.
      Other testing parameter:
      Toxic Substance Testing
      • Acrylamide Testing
      • Arsenic Testing
      • Benzene Testing
      • Cadmium Testing
      • Phthalate Testing
      • Compliance Testing
      • Determination of Cadmium Testing
      • Determination of Lead Testing
      • Durability Testing
      • Failure Mode & Defect analysis
      • Flammability Testing
      • Leachables Testing
      • Mechanical Toy Testing
        • Compression Testing
        • Torsion Testing
        • Traction Testing
      • Phthalates Test for PVC Testing
      • Plastics Extractables Testing
      • Reverse Engineering
      • Risk Analysis Testing
      • Surface Coating Testing
      • Toxic Elements Testing
        • Pb, Cd, Cr, Ba, As, Hg
      • Toxicity Testing
      • Toy Safety Testing
        • Content Testing
        • Durability Testing
        • Mechanical Soundness Testing
        • Sharp Points Testing
        • Wear Testing
      • Toy's Package Testing
      • Toys Packaging Testing

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      Mechanical Testing Services
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      Mechanical Testing Services

      Approx. Price: Rs 99 / PieceGet Latest Price
      Service Details:
      Minimum Order Quantity5 Piece
      Standard Certificates RequiredYes
      Material TypeConstruction Material
      ApplicationR & D
      Training Course RequiredNo
      Standard CertificatesYes
      Sampling AreaBy Samples in Lab
      • Mechanical Properties Testing and Analysis
      • Mechanical Characterization Testing and Analysis
      • Aeolian Vibration Testing and Analysis
      • Arc Bend Testing and Analysis
      • Arc Tension Testing and Analysis
      • Bond Strength Testing and Analysis
      • Brittle Fracture Testing and Analysis
      • Brittleness Testing
      • CASS Testing
      • Charpy Impact Testing
      • Compact Tension Testing
      • Compression testing
      • Corrosion Fatigue Testing
      • Crack Growth Predication Testing
      • Crack Temperature Testing
      • Creep Mechanisms Testing
      • Creep Testing
      • Cyclic Load Testing
      • Cyclic Testing
      • Density Testing
      • Disc Shape Testing
      • Drop Weight Testing
      • Drop Weight testing
      • Dye Penetration Studies Testing
      • Dynamic Load Testing
      • Dynamic Tear Testing
      • Eddy Current Examination
      • Engineering Critical Assessment Testing
      • Fastener testing
      • Fatigue testing
      • Filler Fracture Testing
      • Flaring Testing
      • Flexing Testing
      • Fracture Toughness Testing
      • Fracture Toughness Testing
      • Frature testing
      • Hardness Testing
      • Impact testing
      • In-situ Hardness Testing
      • Life Assessments Testing
      • Material Strength Characteristics Testing
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Mechanical Life Testing
      • Mechanical Load Testing
      • Metallography Testing
      • Metallurgical Analysis Testing
      • Microhardness Testing
      • Modal Analysis Testing
      • Nick Break Testing
      • Non-Destructive Analysis
      • Overload Failure Testing
      • Plastic Deformation Testing
      • Plastic Strain Testing
      • Point Bend Testing
      • Proof Loading Testing
      • Reliability Assessments Testing
      • Rotating Beam Tension Testing
      • Seismic Load Testing
      • Self Damping Testing
      • Single-Bend Testing
      • Spectrum Crack Growth Testing
      • Static Load Testing
      • Strain Gauging Testing
      • Strain Stress Testing
      • Stress Corrosion Testing
      • Stress Rupture Testing
      • Stress Rupture Testing
      • Stress Strain Curve Testing
      • Structural Integrity Testing
      • Structural Testing
      • Tear Testing
      • Tensile testing
      • Tension Testing
      • Tribology/Wear Testing
      • Ultrasonic Examination
      • Vibration and Shock Testing
      • Video Probe Examinations
      • Weathering Testing
      • Weldability Testing
      • Welding Evaluation Testing

      We Have Analysis/Testing The Mechanical As Per Requirements Of Client With Humbly Satisfaction.

      All Types Of Material Testing Services Available In Our Laboratory.

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      Plastic Testing Services
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      Plastic Testing Services

      Approx. Price: Rs 99 / PieceGet Latest Price
      Service Details:
      Minimum Order Quantity5 Piece
      Certification ServiceISO
      Preferred Analysis TechniqueStrength
      Analysis TypePlastic
      Cube SizePlastic
      Examining PeriodPlastic
      Sampling TypePlastic
      Testing Parameter :
      • Accelerated Weathering Testing
      • Acid Value Testing
      • Ash Content Testing
      • Ballistics Properties Testing
      • Barcol Hardness Testing
      • Biodegradability Studies Research and Development, and Testing
      • Brittleness Temperature Testing
      • Brookfield Viscosity Testing
      • Bulk Testing
      • Burning Characteristics Testing
      • Capillary Rheometry Testing
      • Carbon F1F1F1 Content Testing
      • Cellular Water Testing
      • Charpy Impact Testing
      • Chemical Compatiability Testing
      • Chemical Resistance Testing
      • Coefficient of Friction Testing
      • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Testing
      • Cohesive Adhesion Testing
      • Compression Testing
      • Cure Kinetics Testing
      • Deflection Testing
      • Deformulation Testing
      • Degree of Blistering Testing
      • Degree of Flaking Testing
      • Dielectric Constant Testing
      • Differential Scanning Calorimetry Testing
      • Dimensions Testing
      • Durometer Heat Testing
      • Dynamic Material Properties Testing
      • Dynamic Mechnical Analysis Testing
      • Elastomer Testing
      • Electrical Testing
      • Elongation Testing
      • Environmental Stess Testing
      • Environmental Stress Cracking Testing
      • Extractability of Lead Testing
      • Extractables Testing
      • Extraction Testing
      • Failure Analysis Testing
      • Feasibility Studies Testing
      • Finite Element Analysis Testing
      • Flammability Testing
      • Flex Testing
      • Flexural Properties Testing
      • Flexure Modulus Testing
      • Flow Simulation Testing
      • Gardner Impact Testing
      • Gloss Testing
      • Hardness Testing
      • Ignition Testing
      • Impurities Testing
      • Linear Mold Shrinkage Testing
      • Linear Thermal Expansions Testing
      • Low Shear Viscometry Testing
      • Mechanical Properties Testing
      • Melt Flow Rate Testing
      • Migration Testing
      • Moisture Testing
      • Molecular Weight Testing
      • Multiaxial Impact Testing
      • Odor Testing
      • Optical Testing
      • Outdoor Weaathering of Plastics and Polymers Testing
      • Oxidative Stability Testing
      • Oxygen Index Testing
      • Packaging Analysis Testing
      • Peel Strength Testing
      • Physical Properties Testing
      • Plastic Recycled Materials Testing
      • Plasticizer Compatibility Testing
      • Plastics and Polymers Discoloration Testing
      • Polyamide Testing
      • Polymer Flow Analysis Testing
      • Puncture Testing
      • Quality Control Testing
      • REACH Testing
      • Reactivity Testing
      • Remediation Research, Studies and Testing
      • Residual Styrene Testing
      • Resilience Testing
      • Resistivity Testing
      • Rheological Testing
      • Rockfield Hardness Testing
      • Rotational Rheometry Testing
      • Rubber Properties Testing
      • Simulated Environmental Exposures Testing Studies
      • Slip Resistance Testing
      • Softening Point Testing
      • Soluble Matter Testing
      • Solubles Testing
      • Solvent Extract Testing
      • Solvent Resistance Testing
      • Stability Testing
      • Stain Resistance Testing
      • Stiffness Measurement Testing
      • Stress Resistance Testing
      • Surface Irregularities Testing
      • Taber Abrasion Testing
      • Tear Resistance Testing
      • Tensile Izod Testing
      • Tensile Strength Testing
      • Thermal Aging Testing
      • Thermal Analysis Testing
      • Thermal Cycling Testing
      • Thermal Diffusivity Testing
      • Thermal Expansion Testing
      • Torsion Testing
      • Transmittance Testing
      • Ultrasonic Characterization Testing
      • Vicat SOftening Point Testing
      • Viscosity Testing
      • Void Content Testing
      • Volume Resistivity Testing
      • Water Absorption Testing
      • Yellowness Index Testing
      • Yield Stress Analysis Testing

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      Product Safety Testing
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      Product Safety Testing

      Approx. Price: Rs 99 / PieceGet Latest Price
      Service Details:
      Minimum Order Quantity5 Piece
      A1 Safety65.32%
      A5 Safety98.32%
      Whole Safety65%
      No of Persons Required6
      Type of SecurityUnarmed
      Requirement TypeCorporate
      Testing Parameter :
      • AZO Dye Testing
      • Biokinetics Testing
      • Brake Testing
      • CPSC Bicycle Testing
      • Cadmium Testing
      • Chronic Hazards Testing
      • Comparative Testing
      • Compliance Testing
      • Consumer Evaluations
      • Cytotoxicity Testing
      • DEPH Content Testing
      • Destructive Testing
      • ELectrical Toy Safety Testing
      • Electrical Safety Testing
      • Electrical Surge Testing
      • Fatigue Testing
      • Flammability Testing
      • Form, Fit, Function Testing
      • Formaldehyde Testing
      • Hazardous Substances Testing
      • Head Protection Testing
      • Heavy Metals Testing
      • Lead Testing
      • Mechanical Impact Testing
      • Mechanical Stress Testing
      • Microbiology Testing
      • Nickel Testing
      • Performance Characteristics Testing
      • Phalate Testing
      • Reflectance Testing
      • Reliability Testing
      • Reproductive Toxicity Testing
      • RoHS Testing
      • Self-Pressurized Products Testing
      • Structural Integrity Testing
      • Thermal Testing
      • Tire Abrasion Testing
      • Toxic Elements Testing
      • Toxicity Testing
      • UV Protection Testing
      • Usability Testing
      • Volatile Organic Chemicals Testing
      • Waterproof Performance Testing

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      Polymer & Plastic Failure Analysis Testing Service
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      Polymer & Plastic Failure Analysis Testing Service

      Approx. Price: Rs 99 / PieceGet Latest Price
      Service Details:
      Minimum Order Quantity5 Piece
      Industrial ExperienceYes
      Monitoring TypePOLYMER & PLASTIC
      Need Test ResultYes
      Sample TypePOLYMER & PLASTIC
      Type of MaterialPOLYMER & PLASTIC
      Industry TypePlastic
      Need Standard CertificationYes
      Polymer and Plastic Failure Analysis Testing:

      1Difficult or Challenging Polymer Samples
      2Additives in Polymers and Elastomers
      3Contaminants and Inclusions
      4Mechanical Failure
      5Chemical Attack
      6Trace Chemical Analysis
      7Oxidative Degradation
      8Failure of Fibre-reinforced Composites
      9Problems related to Polymer Additives
      11Environmental Stress and Cracking
      12Residual Stresses and Weld Lines
      13Polymer Odour, Tainting and Outgassing problems
      14Adhesion problems with Polymers and Interfaces
      15Voids, Blisters, Nibs and other Surface Defects
      16Polymer Discoloration
      17And additional expertise
      18Analytical Testing for Polymers
      19Mechanical Testing for Polymers
      20Metallurgical Failure Analysis Investigations
      21Failure Analysis Laboratory

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